Juveniles charged with cocaine-related offenses in New Jersey are subject to the same laws and procedures, generally, as juveniles charged with any other criminal offense. Technically, juveniles charged with acts constituting offenses are not being charged with the offenses themselves. Rather, what they are charged with is delinquency, that is, with acts which, if committed by adults, would constitute offenses. At the time of the juvenile's encounter with the police, he is not “arrested.” Rather, he is “taken into custody.”

These differences are more than semantics. If the charges are ultimately proved, the juvenile has not been “convicted” of the offense. Rather, the juvenile has been “adjudicated delinquent.” Thus, although the juvenile will then have a juvenile record, he will not have a criminal record. If the juvenile happens to not be a United States citizen, his juvenile adjudication will not be a barrier to a later application for naturalization.

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